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Children's Picture Books by Lin Liang BSE585


The eternal little sun—Lin Liang—will evoke your childhood memories with a warm story! 


Book Titles:
Xiao Qi's Room 小琪的房間
Little Round and Little Square 小圆圆跟小方方
Wang Xiaoxiao Learns to Draw 汪小小学画
Goldfish Number 1 and 2 金鱼一号 金鱼二号
Rainbow Street 彩虹街
Real Buzz This Morning 今天早上真熱鬧
I Have Two Legs 我有兩條腿
Little Duck Home 小鴨鴨回家
Small Matter the Weather 從小事情看天氣

By Liang Lin, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Characters and Zhuyin, 42 pages/book, 8.15x8.25", CD

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Item: Children's Picture Books by Lin Liang
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