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Little Red and Little Green BSE608


This is a very cute picture book resembling the traditional folk tales of ancient China. Children frolicking in the mountains and encountering animals in the open land, and creating friends among the beautifully vast nature. The mountains you can see in the background are the kinds which have been depicted in Chinese painting for centuries and has become identifiable as one of the anachronisms of ancient China.


  • 千年人参的美丽传说,刻骨铭心的纯美情感,值得全家品味共赏。
  • 质朴动人的文字,清新写意的画面,让人内心不由颤动。
  • 蕴含寓意发人深省,在故事中认识和思考友谊,积累人生智慧。

By Pan Renmu, Illustrated by Cao Junyan, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 40 pages, 9.5"x7.75"
Item: Little Red and Little Green
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