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Childhood Stories BSE618


Written by well-known children’s book authors and illustrators, this series presents heartwarming stories about childhood in China to inspire young readers to carry on traditions and cultural heritage. The books share the love and warm feelings felt by their parents during their childhood. Children outside China will also get to learn about China and the Chinese culture.


Book Titles:
Embroidery 绣花儿
Cowboy 牧童 
A Colorful Day 五颜六色的一天
Look at My Fingers 瞧瞧我的花指头
We Will Miss Something 我们都会错过一些事情 
After the Rain 小雨后
Corner Bookstore 拐角书店
Seamless Needle 天衣无缝针

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 24-40 pages, 9.75"x 10.9" or 10.5"x8"
Item: Childhood Stories
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