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The Taste of Happiness (4 Books) BSE620


This picture book series uses adorable pictures and catchy rhymes to gives young readers a taste of various types of yummy food that Chinese children love. Fun and engaging activities, such as origami and crafts, reinforce learning and will get children excited about these culinary cultural favorites. 


Book Titles:
Set 1:
Laughing Dumplings 饺子笑哈哈
Changing Bread 馒头变变变
Rolling  Sweet Rice Dumplings 汤圆滚啊滚
Unwrapping Zongzi 粽子脱光光
Set 2:
La Ba Congee 腊八粥熬呀熬
Noodles 面条飞起来
Baozi 包子有内涵
Moon Cakes 月饼圆又圆

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 23 pages/book, 8.25"x7.25"
Item: The Taste of Happiness (4 Books)
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