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Chinese New Year For Kids BSF016


Published by ChinaSprout, "Chinese New Year for Kids" is a full color paperback book with beautiful, authentic Chinese illustrations. This is a hands-on workbook for parents and teachers, written for children from ages 3 to 12 years old, for use in the classroom or at home. Children will enjoy the party ideas, dragon parades, lion dances, art projects, and zodiac games. The art projects are designed to be easy, as well as inexpensive to reproduce for large groups. All the activities in this book have been thoroughly tested in the classroom, with very successful results, and have elicited lots of enthusiasm from children and teachers alike. Music, physical movement, art, and food all add to the ambiance of taking an imaginary trip to China during the Chinese New Year.


  1. Chinese New Year Explained
  2. Chinese New Year Calendar
  3. School Chinese new Year Parties
  4. Chinese New Year Parties at Home
  5. Ancestors
  6. Buddhist Prayer Money

Classroom Activities

  1. Lion Dance
  2. Buddha Mask
  3. Dragon Parade
  4. Dragon Eye Opening Ceremony
  5. Paper Lantern Worksheet
  6. Zodiac Games
  7. Classroom Snacks
  8. Good Luck Red Envelopes
  9. Dragon Puppet

By Cindy Roberts, Paperback, 30 pages, 8.8"x11.25"
Item: Chinese New Year For Kids
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