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Lin Yi's Lantern: A Moon Festival Tale BSF088


A Chinese boy heads to market to shop for items for the upcoming Moon Festival. His mother warns him that if he wishes to purchase the red rabbit lantern that he's longed for, he must bargain carefully. Lin Yi repeats the shopping list faithfully to himself: "moon cakes, star fruit, rice, yams and...and I mustn't forget the peanuts for Uncle Hui." Walking through the busy marketplace, he resists toffee apples, fragrant rice, and a dough figure, delaying his gratification in hopes of attaining the lantern. Despite his best efforts, however, toward the end of his trip he realizes that he won't be able to afford both peanuts and the lantern. His selflessness in choosing the peanuts is rewarded when his uncle arrives with a gift—a red rabbit lantern. Age 4-8.

By Brenda Williams, Illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe, Paperback, English, 30 pages, 10.25"x10"
Item: Lin Yi's Lantern: A Moon Festival Tale
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