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Diving into Chinese for Young Readers (10 Books+CD) BSG150


This innovative series of books is designed to assist students in learning Chinese in a fun but highly structured way. Highlights include beautiful illustrations, independent pages for Chinese characters and pictures, pattern structures that reinforce Chinese sentence structures, and helpful vocabulary lists. Each book concludes with an English translation of the Chinese text. Different from standard English, the translations follow Chinese sentence patterns, which allow young readers to become accustomed to the structure of Chinese sentences. Upon completion of this series, students will learn approximately 300 vocabulary words, 550 Chinese characters, and 80 basic Chinese sentence structures. Click here for more sample images for Level 1. Level 2. Level 3. Level 4.

Level 1 (Blue)
Numbers 数字
Months 大小月
I Love Mom 我爱妈妈
My Dad Loves to Eat Apples 我的爸爸爱吃苹果
I Love My Little Bear 我爱我的小熊
Little Fish Wants to Eat Bread 小鱼要吃一个面包
Little Tadpole Became a Frog 小蝌蚪变成了青蛙
Does Elephant Baby Has a Mom? 大象宝宝有没有妈妈?
Are You My Mom? 你是不是我的妈妈?
Little Cat Loves to Eat 爱吃的小猫

Level 2 (Green)
Red Flowers, Red Butterflies 红色的花,红色的蝴蝶
Lion, Lion, Let Me Touch Your Head 狮子,狮子,摸摸头
Little Brown Monkey 咖啡色的小猴子
Little Dog's Ears Are Long, Little Bear's Ears Are Short 小狗的耳朵长,小熊的耳朵短
Little Baby Fish 小鱼宝宝
Turtle Little Brothers Was Swimming 乌龟弟弟在游泳
Grey Elephant Saw Five Squirrels 灰色的大象看到了五只松鼠
One Turtle Crawls Inside 一只乌龟爬进来
Five Monkeys Jump, Jump, Jump 五只猴子跳跳跳
On Sunday, What is Little Duck Doing? 星期日,小鸭子在做什么?

Level 3 (Red)
What is Purple Horse Doing? 紫色的马在做什么?
What Does Little Sheep Want to Do in the Morning? 早上,小绵羊想做什么?
What is Your Name? 你叫什么名字
How Old Are You? 你几岁?
How Many Apples Does Grandpa Have? 爷爷有几个苹果?
Milk Tipped Over 牛奶倒了
Does Little Hippo Want to Swim on Saturday Morning or Not? 星期六早上,小河马要不要游泳?
Can Chameleon Sing? 变色龙会不会唱歌?
How Many Squirrels Want to Climb Trees? 有几只松鼠想爬树?
Little Crocodile Can Play Tennis and Ride Bicycles 小鳄鱼会打网球也会骑自行车

Level 4 (Yellow)
Whose Tongue is Long? 谁的舌头长?
Is Rhino's Body Chubby? 犀牛的身体胖不胖?
Does Car Run Fast? 汽车跑得快不快?
Does Little Pig Eat a Lot? 小猪吃得多不多?
What Nationality Are You? Where Do You Live? 你是哪国人?你住在哪里?
Where Will You Have Dinner Today? 今天你会在哪里吃晚饭?
How Do You Go to School Tomorrow? 明天你会怎么去学校?
I Want to Take the Train to the Zoo 我想坐火车去动物园
I Am not a Boy. I Am a Girl 我不是男孩子,我是女孩子
Does Rabbit or Turtle Run Faster? 兔子跑得快还是乌龟跑得快?

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 15-29 pages/book, 6.8"x6.75", 1 CD
Item: Diving into Chinese for Young Readers (10 Books+CD)
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