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Elementary School Chinese Synchronous Reading BSG184


Chinese Synchronized Reading Series is an education curriculum standard textbook, for students with extracurricular reading levels of first to sixth grade. Its purpose is to broaden horizons, and improve reading ability. The book features, Zhang Qiusheng, Wu Ran, Chen Huiying, Zhao Lihong, and other famous writers. Chinese teaching materials, textbook writers and classic writers make this textbook a bright-minded solution. Students read grade by grade, fairy tales for the lower grades, and children’s stories for the higher grades. Stories include fiction and science-fiction, as well as poetry and folk tales.


Books Title:Grade 1 Part 1 Bear Across the River 一年级上册 小熊过桥
Grade 1 Part 2 The Picture of Spring 一年级下册 春天的图画
Grade 2 Part 1 The Golden Boat 二年级上册 金色的小船
Grade 2 Part 2 The School of Flowers 二年级下册 花的学校
Grade 3 Part 1 The Bamboo Forest Covered by Rays 三年级上册 落满霞光的竹林
Grade 3 Part 2 Songs on the Leaves 三年级下册 草叶上的歌
Grade 4 Part 1 Paper Cranes 四年级上册 千纸鹤
Grade 4 Part 2 The Bloom of Lilies 四年级下册 百合花开
Grade 5 Part 1 Walking into the Books 五年级上册 走进书里去
Grade 5 Part 2 Play and Learn in the Childhood 五年级下册 童年的玩与学
Grade 6 Part 1 Listen to the Birds 六年级上册 倾听鸟语
Grade 6 Part 2 The Kite of Dream 六年级下册 理想的风筝

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 116-375 pages/book, 8.3"x5.8"
Item: Elementary School Chinese Synchronous Reading
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