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This Is My Book Guided Reading in Chinese Level 6 (30 Books) BSG265


This Is My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the high frequently used Chinese characters from authorized Chinese textbook as well as the standards of International Curriculum for Chinese language Education by Hanban, China. 13 levels of Chinese reading set up in a range of 50 to 1,200 Chinese most frequently used characters. Reading text is leveled according to various parameters, including total character count, number of new words, sentence patterns, sentence length, and sentence complexity.

The number of the words is controlled within 50 words for each story in this set of reading.






Book Titles:
1. Individuals 个人:
After Breaking the Glass 打碎玻璃之后
My Younger Sister: A Little Poet 小诗人妹妹
Rumi and His Cat 鲁米和他的小猫
Stand out of My Sunshine 不要挡着我的阳光
The Star: AlphaGo 大明星阿尔法
2. Family 家庭:
Play with Sand at the Seaside 海边堆沙
Keke and Her Little Brother 可可和小弟弟
The Words on the Napkins 纸巾上的话
Do as Promised 说到做到
A Magic Book 会变出东西的书
3. School 学校:
Teacher's Reply 老师回信
Delicious Fried Rice 香香的炒饭
Bill's Magic Box 比尔的小魔盒
Visitors from Shanghai 上海来的客人
The Story of Chinese Characters  汉字的故事
4. Social Life 社交:
Beautiful Paris 美丽的巴黎
Tile Fragments 破碎的瓦片
A Small Useful Computer 有用的小电脑
Three "Apples" 三个苹果
Effendi Plants Gold 阿凡提种金子
5. Flora and Fauna 动植物:
Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖
The Dinosaur Park 恐龙公园
The Great Salmon 了不起的大马哈鱼
The "Black" Penguin Was Saved “黑”企鹅得救了
The Versatile Pine 松树本事大
6. Nature 自然:
Oil and Gas 石油和天然气
The Sun, the Earth and the Moon 太阳、地球和月亮
Jingwei Fills up the Sea 精卫填海
The Yellow River's Monologue 黄河的话
A Drop of Rain 芸儿

By Zhining Chin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 9 pages/book, 9"x6.9"
Item: This Is My Book Guided Reading in Chinese Level 6 (30 Books)
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