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Learning Chinese With Fun Caterpillar - Reading and Speaking BSG273


The series is categorised into 3 grades: Red Caterpillar, Blue Caterpillar and Green Caterpillar, with 4 readers for each grade. The words selected for the story and the layout of the story progressively deepens and changes accordingly to children’s language development, making the series suitable for children of varied language ability.

The series utilises words commonly encountered by children in daily life and vivid illustrations to spark their reading interest and raise their reading and speaking ability. Comprehensive teacher support is available to adopting schools: Lesson Plan and MP3 audio clips.

《毛毛虫》系列图书分三个阅读级别: 红毛虫、蓝毛虫和绿毛虫,每级各4本,共有12本。本系列在文字的运用和故事的编排上根据幼儿的语言发展水平逐级加强,适合不同语言能力的孩子阅读。

《毛毛虫》系列图书通过生活化的语言和生动的绘图,激发幼儿的阅读兴趣,提高幼儿的阅读和口语表达能力。本套图书为教师免费提供配套的录音、教案和学生活动, 方便教师教学。

Book Titles:

Good Night 晚安
Ribbon 彩带
Seesaw 跷跷板
Black and white 黑白
Tall and Short 高高的矮矮的
Drawing 画画
Swing 秋千
Fly 飞呀飞
Caterpillar 毛毛虫
Who Else Is Getting On the Bus? 还有谁要上巴士
Little Monkey Who Always Loses Things 爱丢东西的小猴子
I Like 我喜欢

By Dr. Connie Lum, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 8-12 pages/book, 9"x6.3"
Item: Learning Chinese With Fun Caterpillar - Reading and Speaking
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