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Reading Chinese Every Day - Small Books BSG274


The Nishan Book Series 'Read Chinese Every Day' focuses on teaching Chinese to second language learner. The books cover daily topics and lead students to insert key vocabulary in repetitive sentence structures in each book, which are suitable for primary students aged 6—12 years old. We have incorporated teaching technique into the series, so as to help the students make in-depth study and application. The books are graded into three series by complexity, and each series contains 10 volumes.


Book Titles:
Let Me Count 数一数
What Day Is Today? 今天星期几?
Happy Birthday 生日快乐
What Color Do You Like? 你喜欢什么颜色?
I Love My Family 我爱我的家
My Family 我的家
What's Your Chinese Zodiac? 你属什么?
At The Zoo 动物园
My Family Pets 我家的宠物
What Happened? 你怎么了?
Vol. 2 第二辑:
Vegetables 蔬菜
Good Friends 好朋友
Fruits 水果
Occupation 职业
My Dream 我的梦想
My Daily Routine 我的一天
My Hobby 我的爱好
What Are You Doing? 你在做什么?
Sports 运动
Weather 天气
Vol. 3 第三辑:
An Alien At The Zoo 外星人来到动物园
What Do You Do After School? 放学后你做什么?
Growing Up 我长大了
Clothing 服装鞋帽
Stationary 文具
My Body Is Wonderful 我的身体真奇妙
Transports 交通工具
My Holiday 我的假期
My Birthday Party 我的生日会
Countries and Languages 国家和语言

By Maria Xu and Yanxia Zheng, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 16 pages/book, 5.75"x8.25"
Item: Reading Chinese Every Day - Small Books
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