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Rainbow Dragon Chinese Reader Level 2 (5 Books) BSG296


Rainbow Dragon Graded Chinese Readers Level 2 : Family Members contains five books which are Who Is That; Please Have Some Tea!; Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters?; Is That My Brothers? Shuilong’s Birthday Presents. Rainbow Dragon is a comprehensive series of Chinese teaching and learning resources based on the concepts of module teaching and blended learning. Suitable for K~6 Chinese language learners in both local and international schools, Rainbow Dragon is designed as a one-stop Chinese language learning solution. The series consists of 15 topics covering family members, food, Chinese culture and other areas. The series’ 225 books are divided into 45 resource packages based on the topics and categorized into 3 Levels of difficulty. An assortment of supplementary items including mobile gaming apps, teaching and learning aids, and evaluation tools have also been developed to meet the diverse needs of in-class and at-home environments.


Book Titles:
Family 家人 ​​​​​​

Who Is That 谁呀?
Please Have Some Tea! 请喝茶!
Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters? 你有兄弟姐妹吗?
Is That My Brothers? 是哥哥吗?
Shuilong’s Birthday Presents 水龙的生日礼物
Food 食物
Spring Outing 春游
What Do You Want to Eat for Dinner? 晚饭想吃什么?
Making Salad 做沙拉
Going Shopping 逛超市
Family Garden 家庭菜园
Parts of Body 身体
Dad is Gone! 爸爸不见了!
How Fragrant! 真香啊!
Where Does It Hurt? 哪里不舒服?
Making a Snowman 堆雪人
What's in the Box 盒子里是什么?
 Animals 动物
Let me Help You 我来帮你
What Is Flying In the Sky? 什么在天上飞?
What is that? 那是什么?
Young Painter 小画家
Lovely Neighbor 可爱的邻居
Time 时间
Beijing and Sydney 北京和悉尼
What Day Is Your Birthday? 你的生日是几月几日?
I Am Going to a New School 我要去新学校
Letter to Santa 给圣诞老人的信
Wait a Minute 等一会儿
Nationality 国籍
My Name Is Wang Xiaolong! 我叫王小龙!
Museum Diary 博物馆日记
Traveling Round the World 环游世界
A Greedy Parrot 贪吃的鹦鹉
Too Spicy! 太辣了!
Schools 学校
The School Open Day 学校开放日
Let's Decorate the Classroom Together 大家一起布置教室
Is It… 是不是……
Going to Elementary School Is Great! 上小学太棒了!
The First Day of Elementary School 上小学第一天
Sports 运动
Xiaojie Loves Sports 小杰爱运动 
Mr.Frog's Fitness Log 青蛙先生健身记
Who Are You? 你是谁?
Mom Wants to Lose Weight 妈妈要减肥
Go!Go! 加油!

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 12-16 pages/book, 8"x8.25"
Item: Rainbow Dragon Chinese Reader Level 2 (5 Books)
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