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Chinese Classic Culture Comic Books BSL189


Perfect for bilingual learners and art lovers, these comic books present ancient Chinese tales in a fun new way. Text is simple and easy to understand--crucial to understanding these historical stories. Share this unique series with your 6-12 year old scholar!


Book Titles:
Confucius Speaks·Sunzi Speaks 孔子说·孙子说
Laozi Speaks 老子说
Zhuangzi Speaks 庄子说
Gratlearning·The Middle Path·The Analects of Confucian·Mencius Speaks 大学·中庸·论语·孟子说
Liezi Speaks·Hanfeizi Speaks 列子说·韩非子说
Roots of Wisdom 菜根谭·心经
Buddha's Words 佛陀说·法句经
Zen's Words 禅说·六祖坛经
Record of History 史记·世说新语
All about Journey to the West 西游记
Stories of Gods 封神榜
White Serpent 白蛇传·雷公传·少林寺
Strange and Horrible Story 聊斋志异·六朝怪谈

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 215-280 pages/book, 9"x6"
Item: Chinese Classic Culture Comic Books
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