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Old Master Classic Series BSL209


Chinese traditional culture is the treasure house of traditional Chinese thought, many of the basic teachings of traditional culture, especially Confucianism on Chinese culture has played a decisive role, and also very worthy of modern learning and carry forward.
  Bentaoshu the "Three Character Classic," "Students" "Classic Quotes" as the main content, all original pinyin, each paragraph design of the "original reading" "the old man explained," "Reading godson" "School Story," "develop behavior "and other columns, with a large number of color illustrations, in plain language description of its basic meaning, but again it contains the truth of the story were extended, and finally, in the lives of young children likely to encounter problems listed for the children to judge right or wrong , closer to the actual distance between traditional literature and life, learn and use, interesting, easy for children to learn and understand, but also conducive to their interest in traditional literature.


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 132 Pages, 5.75" x 8.25"
Item: Old Master Classic Series
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