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Chinese Classics in Comics by Cai Zhizhong BSL210


This series contains the Analects of Confucius, Historical Records, University of Mean, Poetry and Song.

To deeply understand the beauty of classical literature, to read into the roots of China’s vast history, to listen to the wisdom of the ancestors, is to taste the heart of Chinese poetry. This series teaches young readers about the beauty and classicism of Chinese poetry, in a comic story with humorous and graceful flowing vernacular. It introduces the life of the poet, the deeds he has done, the art, the poetry. Featuring Pinyin, young readers will be able to read this series independently.

"蔡志忠国学启蒙系列",是漫画大师蔡志忠专门为小学生设计的一套国学启蒙读物。本辑包含《论语》、《史记》、《大学 中庸》、《唐诗》及《宋词》五本。

Book Titles:
Confucius 孔子
Song 宋词
University Moderation 大学 中庸
Master Sun 孙子
Mencius 孟子
The Analects 论语
Han Fei Zi 韩非子
The Records of the Grand Historian 史记
Tang Poem Vol. 1 唐诗 (上)
Tang Poem Vol. 2 唐诗 (下)

By Cai Zhizhong, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 179-467 Pages/Book, 7.25"x8.1"
Item: Chinese Classics in Comics by Cai Zhizhong
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