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Journey To the West BSM009


'Journey To The West,'' is considered to be one of the four greatest Chinese novels, along with, ''Tale of the Water Margin'', ''Dream of the Red Chamber'' and ''Romance of the Three Kingdoms''. This particular story is one of the most popular Chinese classics for children, and every Chinese child knows the characters in this novel, especially Monkey King, who is born from stone. The novel follows his adventures in search of the Sutra, the Buddhist holy book. Although the Monkey King is a well-known Chinese legend, like many of us, his lineage can be traced back to various parts of Asia, since it is most likely that the legend's roots originated in India. With this fun book, full of exciting comic book-style illustrations, your child will have fun while learning the complete story of "Journey to the West." Illustrated in colorful watercolor for selected stories and historical figures such as Monkey King, Tang Seng, Piggy, Sandy, and more. The whole story is introduced in the simple modern Chinese with cartoons so youth can read and enjoy the story. In traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin.

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters & Zhuyin, 239 Pages, 5.75'' x 8.25''

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