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Math Fairytale Picture Books BSM034


Geometry, time, and other mathematical concepts are explained in these fairytale books. Brilliantly illustrated, the pictures that align with the stories and lesson are sure to fill young scholars with joy.


Book Titles:
Seven Dwarf 会唱催眠曲的七个小矮人(认识合成和分解)
Chubby's New Tie 棒棒猪的新领带(认识平面几何图形)
Grandpa's Long Beard 尼格爷爷的长胡子(认识数字1-10)
Bal Needs Sleeping 巴尔要睡觉(认识白天和黑夜)
Where are Sunglasses? 太阳眼镜在哪里(按用途分类)
Old Lady and Thread 老婆婆和粗粗细细的绳线(认识粗细)

By Mei Su, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 31 Pages/Book, 9.6"x7.9"
Item: Math Fairytale Picture Books
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