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Horrible Science - Classic Math BSM036


Using a host of hilarious characters, Kjartan Poskitt presents all the tricks, tips and shortcuts to statistics they don't teach at school. Readers will find out how fractions can save them from the toxic mutant fish of Fastbuck, what makes Pongo McWhiffy a mathematical freak, and travel to Planet Mean to discover how averages can be absolutely revolting. Guarantee: this book contains absolutely no sums.


Book Titles
The Mean and Vulgar Bits 绝望的分数
The Perfect Sausage 超级公式
Professor Fiendish's Book of Diabolical Brain-benders 数学头脑训练营
Do You Feel Lucky 寻找你的幸运星-概率的秘密
More Murderous Math 特别要命的数学
The Fiendish Angletron 玩转几何
Murderous Maths 要命的数学
The Essential Arithmetricks 你真的会加减乘除吗
Numbers: the Key to the Universe 数字-破解万物的钥匙
Desperate Measures: Length, Area and Volume 测来测去-长度,面积和体积
Vicious Circles and Other Savage Shapes 逃不出的怪圈-圆和其他图形
The Phantom X 代数任我行

By Kjartan Poskitt, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 106-200 pages/book, 9.5"x6.6"
Item: Horrible Science - Classic Math
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