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Mouse Math (9 Books) BSM037


Mouse Math is a series of nine stories, each represented with basic mathematical concepts such as size, sequence, capacity and volumes. This series will help make learning these mathematical concepts easier for children to learn math and to guide them into thinking, discussing, and applying these concepts to their daily lives. It is also a great story series too.


Book Titles:
Albert's Amazing Snail-Location 蜗牛的奇迹:空间位置
The Mousier the Merrier-Counting 越数越开心:数数
Mice On Ice-Shape 冰上数学家:形状
A Beach For Albert-Capacity and Volume 大家来灌水:容量和体积
Albert's Bigger Than Big Idea-Size Comparison 鼠小鬼大:大小比较
Count Off, Squeak Scouts!-Sequence 一起来报数:数学顺序
The Right Place For Albert-Consistency 一个老鼠一个窝:一一对应
Albert is not Scared-Motion 勇敢向前冲:空间运动
Albert Keeps Score-Number Comparison 这样才公平:数字比较

By Eleanor May, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 35 Pages/Book, 7.25''x7.25''
Item: Mouse Math (9 Books)
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