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Middle School Maths Self-Learning Textbook BSM043


Self-learning is a skill that everyone should have, as it prepares them for the real world and helps them in their path to success. This textbook, a comprehensive edition of middle school mathematics, trains the brain to teach itself and expands the expertise a child has in mathematics.


Book Titles:
Grade 7 Part 1 七年级上册
Grade 7 Part 2 七年级下册
Grade 8 Part 1 八年级上册
Grade 8 Part 2 八年级下册
Grade 9 Part 1 九年级上册
Grade 9 Part 2 九年级下册
Transition Textbook 初中数学课程标准衔接课本

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 44-70 pages/book, 10.2"x7.5"
Item: Middle School Maths Self-Learning Textbook
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