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Hooray! Maths Activity Book BSM045


Basic, mathematical skills play an important part in everyday life. This series of eight maths books aims to help children develop numerical skills early in life. The contents of the books are arranged according to specific themes to make learning meaningful and effective. Filled with eye-catching illustrations, simple instructions and stimulating activities, the books make Maths a real fun learning experience for children.

数字和我们的日常生活息息相关。通过“Hooray” 系列的数学,小朋友可以从中学习使用数字。有趣的练习和逗趣可爱的插图,将带领小朋友进入数学世界,学习基本的数学概念和掌握一些认知技能。同时,这样的方式也让小朋友觉得数学不再是乏味无趣的科目!根据最新的幼儿园课程纲要编写,Hooray系列完全涵盖了4至6岁小朋友应该学习的预期学习成果。根据主题编排的4本课本和4本作业,让学习过程更加轻松。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character & English, 32 pages/book, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: Hooray! Maths Activity Book
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