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Chinese Words: Lift The Flap Books (24 Books) BSO034


This series of teaching aids is helpful for young children learning to identify certain objects ranging from family members, body parts, room furniture, vegetables, fruits, animals, transportation vehicles, and nature. Each of the 24 small books contain over 20 common words with spelling and hand-painted illustrations. Young children reading the book will be able to learn Chinese more efficiently.


Book Titles:
My Family 我的家人                                                    
My Body 我的身体                                                      
My Room 我的房间                                                  
My Clothes 我的衣物反义词                  
My Stuff 我的东西                   
My Classroom 我的课堂          
My Hobbies 我的爱好        
My Day 我的一天   
Color and Shape 颜色与形状
Nature and Weather 自然与天气
Vegetable 蔬菜                                                         
Food, Drink 食品,饮料             
Fruit 水果    
Direction and Location 方向与位置
Mood and expression 心情与表情
Animals (1, 2) 动物(1, 2)                                    
Transportation 交通工具                                        
Weeks, months and seasons 星期、月份与季节      
Festival 节日
Politeness   礼貌用语
​​​​​​​Quantifier 数量词​​​​​​​ 
Antonyms (verb, adjective) (动词、形容词)                                                                                     

BoardBooks, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 18 pages/book, 3.75"x3.6", Box Size: 8.25"11.5"
Item: Chinese Words: Lift The Flap Books (24 Books)
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