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Peppa Pig: I Have a Good Personality (5 Books) BSO202


The "Pig Pig's Psychological Growth Storybook (Phonetic Version)" series is aimed at children 4-6 years old, following the rules and needs of Chinese learning, and pinyin and literacy assist each other to help children gradually transition from parent-child reading to independent reading. This series includes five stories of "Captain Daddy Pig", "Gardening", "Talent Day", "George's Friend" and "The Quarrel", helping young readers to cultivate "keep optimistic", "learn to be patient", "keep confident", "learn friendly relations "Good mood for" emotional management ".

“小猪佩奇心理成长故事书(注音版)”系列,针对4-6岁儿童,遵循语文学习的规律和需求,拼音识字互相辅助,帮助孩子从亲子阅读逐渐过渡到独立阅读。本套系包括《船长猪爸爸》《种草莓》《才艺日》《乔治的朋友》《争吵》五个故事,帮助小读者培养“保持乐观”“学会耐心等候”“保持自信”“学会友好交往”“情绪管理”的好性格。 请点击查看分册介绍。

Book Titles:
Gardening 种草莓(学会耐心等待)
Talent Day 才艺日 (保持自信)
Captain Daddy Pig 船长猪爸爸 (保持乐观)
George's Friend 乔治的朋友 (学会友好交往)
The Quarrel 争吵(情绪管理)

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and Pinyin, 29 pages/book, 8.4x8.4"
Item: Peppa Pig: I Have a Good Personality (5 Books)
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