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Chinese Classical Children's Rhymes Series BSR046


Chinese Classical Children's Rhymes Series collects three children's rhymes book. Chidren's Rhyms includes 136 well-known children's rhymes, illustrated with imaginative and vivid watercolors. Distinguished Children's Songs comprises 183 children's songs composed by the 20 most representative contemporary Chinese children's songs composers. New Children's Songs collects 154 the contemporary children's songs composed since 1949. Many of these songs are well-known among Chinese communities, and some are even popular overseas. They are suitable for use by young children, parents and teachers. Each song is written in large fonts and is marked with phonetic pronunciation, making it easy for children to read and remember. Price is for each book.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 152-183 pages, 8.25"x7.45"
Item: Chinese Classical Children's Rhymes Series
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