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Reading Rhymes and Learning Chinese - Green BSR071


Reading Rhymes and Learning Chinese includes four different reading levels in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue four colors. Young children will understand the content and read with simple text and colorful pictures. The "User Guide" in each book will guide parents and teachers to inspire children's multiple intelligences. Order the complete set and receive a workbook and CD free. Ages 2-6.

4.书内及游戏册内附有不同方式的[使用指引] ,简明实用,指导家长及教师启发幼儿的多元智能。

Book Titles:
How to Call 怎樣叫
Mouse and Kitten 小老鼠和小花貓
Tadpole is Looking For Mom 小蝌蚪找媽媽
Duckling Learns Swim 小鴨子學游泳
Animal Tail 動物的尾巴
Hen Lays Eggs 母鸡生蛋

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 10 pages/book, 9.65"x7.5"
Item: Reading Rhymes and Learning Chinese - Green
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