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Rhythm Songs and Idiom Stories for Kids BSR078


This easy-to-read book with the audio CD, each book has different theme such as nursery rhymes, interesting idiom stories and fun songs, so you can dance and sing with your children and enhance their motor skill with movement activities in this material. This material aims to train the childrens' brains while the they follows action songs. It also promotes interaction between parents and children because it's highly encouraged that parents or teachers sing and dance with the children. This book illustrated with beautiful and cute drawings that will surely capture your little ones' attention and CD provides a great early introduction to the sounds and tones of the Chinese language. As your children grow, they can learn to recognize the traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin. Let's sing and dance your child's way to a better Chinese language! Please view the brief description on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.

《儿童歌谣及成语故事》是一本包含了音频CD的书分别了各种不同的主题例如有简易明白的童谣, 有趣的成语故事和愉快的歌曲。这样小孩可以随著音乐来舞蹈, 唱歌和学习中文。这书极鼓励家长或老师与孩子一起参与又唱又跳的。在跳舞和唱歌情况下学中文, 其目的是培养儿童的大脑, 并还促进父母与子女之间的互动。随着您的孩子的成长,他们可以学习和认识到中国传统的字符和注音。请参阅详细中文目录

Book Titles:
123 Animal Songs 《动物歌谣》
Rhythm Songs For Kids 《亲子律动欢乐歌谣》
Vegetable Songs 《蔬菜歌谣》
The Stories of Chinese Idioms 《成语故事》
Three Character Classic 《幼儿版三字经》
The Children's Pupils' Rules 《幼儿版弟子规》

Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 87 pages, 8"x5.5", Audio CD in Mandarin

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