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The Dragon Slayers (Tribes) BST134


In a mystical, ancient China, as a rite of passage, children must slay a dragon to become a true member of the Dragon Slayer Tribe. With more and more members proving their courage, the number of dragons become fewer and fewer. What will they do when there are no more dragons left in the world? How did the Chinese perception of dragons change over time and become what it is today?  In contrast to Western fairy tales, dragons are benevolent creatures in Chinese folklore and symbolize imperial power, prosperity and good fortune. The Chinese even refer to themselves as the descendants of dragons at times. This tale takes an interesting spin on how the Chinese came to view dragons. With whimsical illustrations, this simple story also prompts children to think about the consequences of our actions in the world and the legacy we leave behind. Exciting and easy to read. In Simplified Chinese characters or English version with Chinese translation.

很久很久以前,生活着屠龙一族。那儿的每一个孩子都被培养成屠龙斗士,他们不断找龙挑战,在深深的海底、黑黑的地缝、高高的天上……龙越来越少了,孩子们开始问:"爸爸,什么是龙?" 找龙成了每一个屠龙族孩子的梦想,龙是不是真的消失了呢?

By Xiong Liang, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character (36 pages, 10.1"x9.25") or English with 4 pages translation in Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin (40 pages, 9"x8.25")
Item: The Dragon Slayers (Tribes)
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