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Chinese Classic Stories Series 2 BST194


Chinese classic stories have inherited and passed on the abundant historic treasury of the Chinese nation that has been accumulated over several thousand years, mirroring the politics, military affairs, culture, folk customs, prevailing moral practices, ideals and interests of ancient China. Through those stories, people can gain an understanding of China's long history and achieve an insight into the profound historical origins of Chinese culture. All stories are illustrated in concise words and expressions, and vivid pictures, which will help the process of reading enjoyable. The series of Classic Stories of China comprises nine books: Scenic Spots Stories, History Stories, Myths Stories, Wisdom Stories, Folk Customs Stories, Ancient Fables, Folk Tales, Idiom Stories, Drama Stories. Currently four books are published and the others are forthcoming.


Book Titles:
Ancient Fables 中国古代寓言故事
Wisdom Stories 中国智慧故事
Idioms Stories 中国成语故事
Folk Tales 中国民间故事
Myth Stories 中国神话故事
History Stories 中国历史故事
Drama Stories 中国戏剧故事

Compiled by Wu Min, English, 136-184 pages, 7.5"x4.5"
Item: Chinese Classic Stories Series 2
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