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Ming's Adventure on China's Great Wall BST251


Ming is back—and this time, he and his father got lost on a visit to the Great Wall! After Ming's exciting adventures in the Forbidden City, Ming and his father travel to the Great Wall to learn more about the creation of the longest structure ever build by humans. On their way, they take a wrong turn, leading to a great adventure as Ming and his father get to tour the wall and encounter all sorts of important figures from history and literature! The patron saint of the Great Wall shows Ming all the important passes and Ming even gets to meet the very emperor who had the Great Wall built! But when the emperor runs into a tricky situation at the beacon tower, it's up to Ming and some important information to save the day. Children will love to travel the wall with Ming as this delightful adventure brings to life the Great Wall and how it has influenced China over its 2000-year life span.

By Li Jian, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 42 pages, 9x9.25"
Item: Ming's Adventure on China's Great Wall
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