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The Zodiac Story (Pre-Order)BST316


Here is a celebratory book, describing the adventures of the twelve zodiacs. The folk tale has been told for thousands of years and it is essential knowledge in Chinese culture. This book creates an illustrated version of a great tale, while making it easier for students learning Chinese by including Pinyin and exercises.

这是一册适合3~12岁孩子阅读的讲述中国传统文化故事的绘本图画书。   每一年中国人都会以一种动物来代表这一年。小朋友,你知道十二生肖是怎么来的吗?传说是选拔出来的!本书以故事的形式讲述了选拔十二生肖的原因,以及十二种动物被选上的过程,小朋友读了能够对我国的十二生肖有更多的了解。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 33 pages, 10.2"x 10.5"

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