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Chinese Folk Tales by Ed Young BST337


Ed Young presents three timeless Chinese traditional tales to young readers with his brilliant full-color illustrations and spreads that make stories appear animated. The books simulate children’s imagination and offer a wonderful way for them to learn about Chinese culture through legends of super hero Monkey King, the Zodiac Rat and an old man losing a horse.


凯迪克金奖得主杨志成,以写意工笔的艺术形式优雅演绎中国成语智慧。在简朴的文字中追寻古人关于得失的智慧,让孩子超越时空去观察事物,辨证地看待问题。美国学校图书馆杂志和出版人周刊星级推荐!双螺旋童书馆  请点击查看分册介绍

Book Titles:
Monkey King 美猴王孙悟空
Cat and Rat 生肖鼠的故事
The Lost Horse 塞翁失马

By Ed Young, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 23-35 pages/book, 8.5"x7.5", 8.5"x8.5"
Item: Chinese Folk Tales by Ed Young
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