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Learning with the 12 Zodiac Signs (12 Books) BST345


以十二生肖为角色,传承民族经典文化。十二生肖是我国经典的传统文化,代表着每个孩子的生命符号。本套系每本书都以一个生肖角色做主角,让孩子既能体验到阅读的乐趣,又能铭记与生肖有关的文化知识。 创意翻翻设计,处处都是惊喜 本套系一共12册,设有150多个翻翻机关,利用翻翻设计的前后反差,创造戏剧化的对比效果,让孩子脑洞大开,随手翻看都是惊喜! 

Book Titles:
Tiger is Busy 好忙好忙的小老虎 
Chicken Looks for Her Eggs 鸡妈妈找蛋 
Dog Puts on a Show 小狗模仿秀
Monkey Looks for Fruit 小猴子找水果 
Mouse Plays Hide-and-Seek 小老鼠捉迷藏
Dragon Loves School 小龙爱上学​​​​​​​
Snake Learns Letters 小蛇学字母 
Rabbit Goes on an Adventure 小兔子大冒险 
Where is Sheep? 小羊去哪了? 
Pig’s Good Habits 小猪好习惯 
Cow is Hardworking 勤劳的小牛 
​​​​​​​Horse Helps with Time Zones 小马带你认时差

By Shenglan Sun, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 11.8x12
Item: Learning with the 12 Zodiac Signs (12 Books)
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