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Dr. Seuss: Will You Please Go Now! BSU007


Now you can read this Dr. Seuss classic in Chinese or English! Oh, why won't Marvin K. Mooney just please go now? In this 1972 classic for "beginning beginners," Dr. Seuss devotes his rhymes to budging the reluctant young Marvin K.: "The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. GO! I don't care how." But despite his impatience, our narrator certainly isn't short of ideas on how Marvin could make an exit. Seuss's ever wacky illustrations accompany each new mode of transport, from balloon to broomstick to Bumble-Boat. It is a great way of teaching children reading and language, and as 'go' is one of the first words children learn to recognize, this teaches the meanings in a really fun way. Ages 4 - 8.

《小磨蹭,请你现在就走吧》把一件让人尴尬的事情处理得充满童趣,苏斯博士的无形之手推动一只有形之手,把故事情节一点点推向高潮,然后以一种不可思议的结局,让人发笑,又让人思考。 孩子也许会问:为什么一定要小磨蹭离开?后来小磨蹭是怎么离开的呢,他到底选择了什么方式呢? 我们可以接着想象,大读者小读者都可以想象。每一个问题都没有一定的答案,但是通过想象和讨论,我们总会有所收获。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters and English; Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Characters, Zhuyin and English, 26 pages, 9.5"x6.75"
Item: Dr. Seuss: Will You Please Go Now!
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