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What Do You Say, Dear? What Do You Do, Dear? (2 Books) BSW1048


What do you say when:
you bump into a crocodile on a crowded city street?
a nice gentleman introduces you to a baby elephant?
the Queen feeds you so much spaghetti that you don't fit in your chair anymore?

What do you do when:
a lady polar bear walks into your igloo in a white fur coat?
the lady you are forcing to walk the plank drops her handkerchief?
you meet someone coming the other way on a circus tightrope?

This is the funniest book on good behavior you'll ever read!


Book Titles:
What Do You Say, Dear? 你该怎么说
What Do You Do, Dear? 你该怎么做

By Sesyle Joslin, Maurice Sendak, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 48 pages/book, 7.2"x 8.5"
Item: What Do You Say, Dear? What Do You Do, Dear? (2 Books)
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