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Little Mouse Series II (10 Books) BSW119


Let your children be amused with the friendly and adorable characters in this series. The liveliness of these animals is easily personified into relationships that kids share with siblings and peers. Beautiful graphics complement the enticing and simple language that creates Mouse's stories. 


Book Titles:
Mouse Brother and Muffin 鼠小弟和松饼
Make Snowman 鼠小弟堆雪人
Again Mouse Brother and Muffin 又来了!鼠小弟和松饼
Christmas 鼠小弟的圣诞节
Gift 鼠小弟的礼物
Hide and Seek 鼠小弟捉迷藏
Seesaw 鼠小弟玩跷跷板
What To Do When You Grow Up 鼠小弟,长大以后做什么?
It Can Only Be Red 只能是红的!鼠小弟的小背心
Go To Seaside 鼠小弟去海边

By Yoshiwo NAKAE, Illustrated by Noriko UENO, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 31 pages/book, 8.5"X7.25"
Item: Little Mouse Series II (10 Books)
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