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Where the Sunrise Begins BSW291


Where does the sunrise begin? Douglas Wood asks this question in the style that has made him an internationally bestselling author. He answers it by focusing on the world of one child, then moving to another child’s world farther away, and then yet still farther, to the ends of the Earth, before bringing the text back to its starting point. Stunning artwork provides a beautiful sweeping look at a world that is simple yet complex, one in which the sun always rises to reveal a new day, a new life, and a new chance.

世界不停在旋转,朝着早晨的方向,每天都有新的日出,即使夜晚黑暗又漫长。但是哪里才是黎明开始的地方?这些话给世界各地的孩子和成年人带来了灵感,伍德和我们分享了一个如日出般光明的答案。而为他的文字提供完美的启发的就是K. 温迪•波普绚丽的肖像画,这些画既讲述了一个关于全世界孩子们的故事,又表现了每一个简单的日子所带来的美好——从日出到日落。那么,到底哪里才是黎明开始的地方?你将在书中找到答案。

By Douglas Wood, Illustrated by K. Wendy Popp, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 40 Pages, 10.15"x11.75"
Item: Where the Sunrise Begins
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