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The Salamander Room (Book+CD) BSW414


A boy finds a salamander in the woods and imagines the many things he can do to turn his room into a perfect salamander home. Together, Anne Mazer and Steve Johnson have created a woodland paradise that any salamander would love to share with a child.

小男孩在森林里发现一只小蝾螈。但是要让小蝾螈睡哪里呢?小男孩发挥丰富的想象力,将房间变成另一个天地 书中图画采小孩的视觉角度,时近时远,让读者跟着主角的眼睛去观察,感受和了解他的用心。故事的情节充分展现小孩角色的自主与创造力。他设想周到,考虑小蝾螈各方面的需要。他的思考内容,也包含小孩惯有的自我投射。小蝾螈在窗前的模样,就像寂寞的小孩在期待朋友。画者生动传神地强化了小男孩与小蝾螈的联系。

By Anne Mazer, Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters or Traditional Chinese Characters with Zhuyin, 24 pages, 9.5"x10.25", 1 Bilingual CD
Item: The Salamander Room (Book+CD)
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