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My Warm Family Growing-Up Series BSW551


How do you make the best of growing up in a warm, healthy home? These six adorable books tell stories of animals growing up in their own family environments. Even young children will be able to identify with the cute, personified animals.

暖房子经典绘本系列 暖心奉献 第三辑成长篇听世界级优秀绘本创作者为孩子真情讲述--那些关于成长的故事!六个妙趣无穷的成长主题,六个孩子超爱听的绘本故事精彩画面温馨甜美,全是孩子最爱的动物形象语言表达富于节奏韵律,符合孩子认知和理解大开本精美印刷、圆角不伤手,主张儿童安全阅读.

Book Titles:Phoebe's Magic 菲比的魔法
The White Little Owl 白色的小猫头鹰
The Annoying Duckie 缠人的鸭子
Go To Sleep Later 等一等再睡觉
Duoduo is Kinitting 织毛线的多多
Where is Dylan 迪伦哪儿去啦

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Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 26 pages/book, 10.25"x9.75"
Item: My Warm Family Growing-Up Series
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