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Berenstain Bears: Situational Education (14 Books) BSW997


Many parents often teach children through telling and repetition. However, there is often miscommunication between parents and children. The Berenstain Bears provide context and real scenarios that children can relate to and grow their skills and knowledge. By providing a full story with a lesson, children can learn the right approach to certain situations, and consequences of their actions. Together as parent and child, you can learn about safety and morals!


Book Titles:
Go to School 去上学 
Get Up On Time 按时起床
Be Careful 注意安全
Healthy Diet 健康饮食
Respect Others 礼貌待人
Learn to be Humble 学会谦让
Self-Esteem 自尊自信
Reconcile 和好如初
Take Responsibility 承担责任
Clean and Clean 干干净净
Overcome Fear 战胜恐惧
No Trouble不吵不闹
I Love Mother! 我爱妈妈!
I Love Father! 我爱爸爸!

By Stan and Jan Berenstain, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 40 pages, 8"x8"
Item: Berenstain Bears: Situational Education (14 Books)
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