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Shepherd Jack Series BSY565


Sheep - The sheep closed in around him like a big, woolly blanket. The puppy had never been so scared or so excited in his life. Soon he was racing, feinting, dodging―learning what it means to be one of the proud breed of Border collies, the finest sheepherders in the world. Then, almost overnight, his life is turned upside down. He finds himself in a series of strange places, with no sheep, his family gone. With nothing but the courage he was born with and a dream, he searches for the life he once knew, gathering names and adventures as he goes. For a short time, he's called Blackie. To the Goat Man, he's Shep. To Hollerin, he's Spot. There's one name that threatens to haunt him forever―Sparky, the name Billy the circus man calls him. But there's another name that he is given, one that finally makes him feel at home. . . .

Wolf - Jack has finally found a home and a purpose on a farm, where he keeps a flock of sheep safe from coyotes and helps train young pups to do the same. But when two sheep disappear in broad daylight, Jack doesn't know what happened to them. Was it his fault? Is he just getting too old for this job? Still, he's determined not to disappoint his boy, Luke, who thinks that Jack is the smartest and fastest dog around. Then Jack and Luke discover that the animal threatening their farm is far more dangerous than any coyote: it's a rabid wolf. Jack knows that he must gather the courage and strength to protect the ones he loves most―but can an old dog learn new tricks? Wolf, the heartwarming sequel to Sheep, also stands on its own as another classic dog story from Valerie Hobbs.

我想有个家 - 杰克是一条边境牧羊犬,它刚开始学会牧羊,便遭逢牧场破产,被迫与爸爸妈妈、兄弟姐妹离散。此后,杰克历经宠物店、马戏团、流浪狗收留所,饱尝生活的各种艰辛。乖乖地做一条任凭小女孩打扮的宠物狗不好吗?为了安稳的生活投身马戏团穿着裙子跳舞也没那么难吧?杰克摇摇头,它有个了不起的目标,它知道自己的价值所在,为此,它宁可忍饥挨饿,流落街头,也决不放弃……

我想有个朋友 - 训练小狗, 发现陌生的气味, 查找丢失的绵羊, 再加上警惕半夜从远方密林传来的狼嚎,不再年轻的牧羊犬杰克简直操碎了心……麻烦的女孩,啰唆的父母,卢克从不知道身边围着这么多人究竟有什么意义。当大麻烦来临,杰克和它的朋友卢克才真正意识到,朋友到底意味着什么……

Book Titles:
Sheep 我想有个家
Wolf 我想有个朋友

By Valerie Hobbs, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 135 pages/book, 8.15"x5.6"
Item: Shepherd Jack Series
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