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Jake Drake Series BSY569


I’m Jake—Jake Drake. I’ve seen a whole lot of craziness while in third and fourth grade. I’ve duked it out for first place in the science fair (against my best friend!), I’ve seen bullies—ok, I’ve been bullied—I’ve been mistaken for a teacher’s pet (seriously, it was all a big misunderstanding!), and I’ve even been the class clown (ok that one I’m not so proud of). I’ve rounded up all my adventures in school right here for you. Check it out! And hopefully you’ll have better third and fourth grade luck than I did! Please click here for individual book description.

我是杰克·杰克·德雷克 在三年级和四年级,我看到了很多疯狂。 我已经把它放在了科学博览会的第一名(反对我最好的朋友!),我已经看到恶霸 - 好吧,我被欺负 - 我被误认为老师的宠物(严重的是,这一切都是 一个很大的误会!),我甚至是小丑(好吧,我不是很自豪)。 我在这里为我量身定做了我所有的冒险课程。 一探究竟! 希望你能比我做得更好的三,四年级运气! 请点击查看分册介绍.

Book Titles:
Jake Drake, Teacher's Pet 完美马屁精
Jake Drake, Class Clown 天才搞笑王
Jake Drake, Bully Buster 恶霸终结者
Jake Drake, Know-It-All 不做万事通

By Andrew Clements, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 97-115 Pages/book, 8.45"x 5.8"
Item: Jake Drake Series
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