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Dragon Slayers' Academy (10 Books) BSY589


The series follows the adventures of a young medieval peasant boy Wiglaf of Pinwick and his two friends, Erica von Royale and Angus du Pangus, as they are educated in the art of dragon slaying at the boarding school, Dragon Slayers' Academy (DSA), run by Angus' greedy Uncle Mordred. The academy is run under the motto "Goldius est goodius," features three pots of gold above a dead dragon on its back on its crest. The school serves only eel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:
The New Kid at School 喷火龙的秘密死穴
Revenge of the Dragon Lady 喷火龙妈妈来复仇
Class Trip to the Cave of Doom 黑森林的死亡洞
A Wedding for Wiglaf? 顽皮公主婚礼奇遇
Knight for a Day 真假骑士
Sir Lancelot, Where Are You? 寻找浪子骆驼
Wheel of Misfortune 屠龙杯争夺赛
Countdown to the Year 1000 钱多多城堡里的阴谋
97 Ways to Train a Dragon 我的宠物是喷火龙
Help! It's Parents Day at DSA 恼人的家长日

By Kate McMullan, Illustrated by Bill Basso, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 79-89 pages/book, 8.25"x5.5", 1 Brochure
Item: Dragon Slayers' Academy (10 Books)
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