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Charlie IX & DoDoMo BYC036



Book Titles:

The Souls in the B.B Street 黑贝街的亡灵
The Story about Psychic Mask 恐怖的巫女面具
The City Full of the Crow 恶灵栖息的乌鸦城
Pharoah's Heart 法老王之心
Devil's Clinic 恶魔医务室
The Vampire Cemetery 吸血鬼公墓
The Funeral of Bronze Coffin 青铜棺的葬礼
The Bone Forest 白骨森林
The Golden Eye of Quetzalcoatl 羽蛇神的黄金眼
The Final Buddha in Ancient Temples 最后的古寺神佛
Boat of Superempirical Essence 冥府之船
Lost Submarine City 失落的海底城
Wedding Dress of Ghost Princess 鬼公主的嫁衣
Ghost Train 幽灵列车
The Hunter in Turtle Island 海龟岛的狩猎者
The Life Tree on the Immortal Land 不死国的生命树
Wild Alien 外星怪客
A Curse from Hot Spring in Hell 地狱温泉的诅咒
Skull of Doom 厄运水晶头骨
Dark Jurassic 黑雾侏罗纪
The Mysterious Kingdom in the Desert 沙海谜国
King Solomon's Ring 所罗门王的魔戒
Shambhala the End of the World 香巴拉,世界的尽头
The Air of Doomsday 末日浮空城
The Village of Scarecrow 稻草人之乡
The Troll on the Snow Mountain 雪山巨魔

By Leon Image Works, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 195-210 pages/book, 8.25"x5.5"

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