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Pippi Adventure Series BYC067



Book Titles:
Pippi Controls the Teacher 皮皮鲁遥控老师
Pippi and the Avatar 皮皮鲁分身记
Pippi and 7 Days of Life 皮皮鲁压缩人生7天
Pippi and Darkroom 309 皮皮鲁和309暗室
Pippi and the Cube Building 皮皮鲁和魔方大厦
Pippi and the Mirage 皮皮鲁和幻影号
Pippi and the 66 Sins 皮皮鲁和66宗罪
Pippi and the Mystery Man 皮皮鲁和教室里的隐身人
Pippi Tames the Rabbit's Mind 皮皮鲁驯兔记
Pippi Defends the Rebels 皮皮鲁保卫叛逆者
Pippi and the Meteor Rain 皮皮鲁和流星暴雨
Pippi Can Grant you 100 Lives 皮皮鲁送你100条命
Pippi and the Windbreaker Cat 皮皮鲁和穿风衣的猫
Pippi and the Detective 皮皮鲁和大侦探乔麦皮
Pippi and the Devil Train 皮皮鲁和魔鬼号列车
Pippi and the Resurrected Dinosaurs 皮皮鲁和复活的恐龙
Pippi and the No Tail Heroes 皮皮鲁和无尾大侠

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 181-182 pages/book, 8.2"X5.5"
Item: Pippi Adventure Series
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