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Beijing Opera Dudy - Qingyi & Xiaosheng DBC037

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Jing-Ju (Beijing Opera) has endured throughout the ages in China. This is a way to retell ancient history and traditional cultural stories with its special feature, such as has role of characters like "Sheng, Dan, Jing, Mo, and Chou". The characters Dudy and his friend acts in these roles to create a full show. They can inhabit the different roles to be a handsome gentleman, a lovely maiden, an erudite scholar or a kingChoose from Qingyi (girl) for Xiaosheng (boy). Ages 3 and up. Price is for each doll. 

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Doll, Qingyi: 4.25", Xiaosheng: 4.5", Box: 6.35" x 4.2" x 1.95"
Item: Beijing Opera Dudy - Qingyi & Xiaosheng
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