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Hand Puppet - Sandy DPU008


This heroic Sandy puppet, from "Legends of the Monkey King," is beautifully handmade, with a fierce grimace on his face, which graces the front of an unbreakable, porcelain-like head. He is dressed in traditional satin clothes and carries a special spear for defense against evil warriors! Did you know that hand puppet theatres existed in South China over 300 years ago? It's true, and this puppet is made in the traditional size, about 26cm, which has been historically considered the most suitable size for a hand to control. As a result, the movements and gestures of this puppet can be very vivid and intricate. Children will have loads of fun making up puppet shows with Sandy, especially after they've watched the Monkey King videos or listened to stories about his adventures!

10'' Tall, Face: Made of Rasen, Clothes: Silk/Rayon
Item: Hand Puppet - Sandy
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