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Ten Chinese Guqin Classics M085


A collection of the ten most popular Chinese classical melodies played with the Chinese Guqin. The Guqin presents an exceptional richness of timbre and subtlety of articulation. This CD introduces you to some of the most famous Chinese Guqin classics. Titles are in English and Chinese.


  1. Yang Guan San Tie (Parting in Yangguan)
  2. Mei Hua San Nong (Plum blossom melody)
  3. Guang Ling San (Poem of Guangling)
  4. Yu Zhou Chang Wan (Drunken fishermen sing at dusk)
  5. Ping Sa Luo Yan (Wild geese on the sandbank)
  6. Yu Qiao Wen Da (Dialogue between fishermen and woodmen)
  7. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (Mist over the Xaio and Xiang River)
  8. Chun Xiao Yin (Singing in springtime)
  9. Li Kuang (Wine revels)
  10. Feng Qiu Huang (Asking for her hand)
  11. Ai Nai (Ainai)
  12. Guan Shan Yue (The moon over Guan Mountain)

Item: Ten Chinese Guqin Classics
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