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Fun with Idioms Series Vol. 1-3 - Cantonese M138


The stories contained in this series are performed by previous winners of the "Hong Kong Children's Story - Telling Competition". This Series is the best reference material for children to use in learning Chinese idioms. The stories and game books are designed and written by experienced Chinese teachers. Every story comes with content analysis and emphasis of the moral lesson contained there, and are a simple and easy way to set a good example for children. The CDs are produced with full DDD digital music recording and sound effects, and the set includes an 80-page book in full color, and a 24-page game booklet. Click here to listen to the sound clip Fun Idioms!

Series I

  1. Jing Di Zhi Wa (Fog In The Drill)
  2. Qi Ren You Tian (Qi Ren Worry About the Sky)
  3. Mo Chu Cheng Zhen (Making A Spin)
  4. Gua Tian Li Xia (Scholar and Watermelon Field)
  5. Wei Ru Lei Ruan (Danger Of Overwhelmed Cells)

Series II

  1. Yu Bang Xiang Zhen (Fight Between Yu and Bang)
  2. Zeng Sheng Sha Ren (Zeng Shen's Murder Plan)
  3. Ba Miao Zhu Zhang (Harvest Won't Come So Soon)
  4. Ke Zhou Qiu Jian (Lost Sword)
  5. Sai Wen Shi Ma (Sai Wen's Horse Gambling Trick)
  6. Wang Yang Bu Lao (Saving Sheep)

Series III

  1. Shou Zhu Dai Tu (Catching Rabbit)
  2. Fu Jin Qing Zui (Begging for Excuse)
  3. Cong Shan Ru Liu (Following the Good Path)
  4. Ban Tu Er Fei (Always Do Half Job)
  5. Po Fu Chen Zhou (Making Hopes In A Dead End)
  6. Yi Bao Shi Han (Bad Temper)

3 CD, Cantonese, Ages 7-12
Item: Fun with Idioms Series Vol. 1-3 - Cantonese
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