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Mandarin Song Vol.4 M169


This is the second set in our Mandarin Series, designed to teach the language to children. Parents and teachers who liked our first series will enjoy this one just as much. Songs from this series are selected as theme songs by Hong Kong radio RTHK for their "Mandarin Mini Stage" program. These are lovely, melodious songs, all performed by children. The content is used to help children learn Mandarin, and is instructed by experienced Mandarin teachers. It includes lyrics and situation dialogues, with recitation of lyrics in Chinese and Pinyin. For ages 4 - 10. Click here to listen to the sample sound clip.

Vol. IV: Zuo Ge Hao Hai Zi (Be a Good Child)

  1. Ban Gui Lian (Making Ghost Face)
  2. Xi Xi Ge (Song of Cleaning)
  3. Jian Kang Bao Bao (Healthy Baby)
  4. Chu Zi Ma Ma (Kitchen Mommy)
  5. Du Shu Lang (Reading Boy)
  6. Wo Xi Huan Du Shu (I Like Reading Books)
  7. Jin Tian De Shi Jin Tian Zuo (Today's Work, Today Finish)
  8. Zi Ji Die Dao Zi Ji Pa (Climb Up by yourself when Fall Down)
  9. Deng Zhe Ba Ba Hui Lai (Waiting for Daddy Come Home)
  10. Ma Ma Hao (Mommy Good)
  11. Ba Ma Yi Bai Fen Ai Wo (Daddy Mommy Love Me 100%)
  12. Ai De Jiao Yu (Education of Love)
  13. Pu Tong Hua Lang Du (Mandarin Lyrics Reading Song 1 - 12)
  14. Rao Kou Ling: Xiao Hai Zi, Xiao Xie Zi (Little Child, Small Shoes)
  15. Xiao Xiao Hua: Lan Che Yu Lan Che

1 CD, Vol. 4, Mandarin
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