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Collection of Flute Music MCC023


This wonderful CD presents 10 traditional and contemporary musical pieces played with traditional instruments and starring the flute. Titles are in Chinese and English. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Yin Zi (Introductory Piece)
  2. Zang Hua Yin (For Those Flowers Gone)
  3. Fen Gu Rou (A Sad Departure)
  4. Tan Xiang Ling (A Sigh fo the Maid Xiang-Ling)
  5. Qing Wen Qu (Fir My Loved Maid Qing-Wen)
  6. Hong Dou Qu (Song of Love Pea)
  7. Ti Pa San Jue (Handkerchief Melody)
  8. Qiu Chuang Feng Yu Xi(A Raining and Windy Afternnon in Autumn)
  9. Cong Ming Lei (Avoid Being Over-Smart)
  10. Wang Ning Mei (For the Perfect Couple)

CD, 10 Songs
Item: Collection of Flute Music
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